Prioritize, Focus, Ignore

Wow, can you believe it’s 2021 already? It seemed like once the coronavirus pandemic hit last year accelerated, despite it being such a drag in many respects because of all the social and political upheaval. Thank God 2020 and all its craziness is behind us!

I highly recommend starting this year off on an empowering high, by reading ‘Destiny’ by Bishop T.D. Jakes! Destiny is full of wisdom, and it really spoke to me, as many of the scenarios and principles that Bishop Jakes highlights were so in line with my experiences and way of thinking; while others provided confirmation, inspiration and motivation in various ways. The content is nothing short of *excellent*.

For anyone wanting make the most of their God-given skills and talents, follow their dreams, and ultimately live a fulfilled life, this book is a must read.

The following are among my favourite quotes from the book:

  • Prioritize, focus, ignore” – page 40-41. This is such an excellent quote to live by that I had to add some commentary alongside it. I chose to make it the title of this book review because it is one of – if not the – most impactful quotes that I noted from this book, and it’s one that I always have to push back to the forefront of my mind whenever life’s distractions try to creep in. In fact, I wrote these three words on a ‘post-it’ and stuck it above my laptop at my desk, to continuously remind myself of its utmost importance in our days of such limited hours, minutes and seconds that constantly slip and slide.
  • “Destiny is the push of our instincts to the pull of our purpose.” – T.D. Jakes book ‘Destiny’ page 6
  • If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible.” – page 11
  • “…it’s not their vision, so don’t expect them to understand. God didn’t give it to them, so they can’t see what God has shown you.” – page 44
  • What will not support your journey to Destiny gets cut loose, unapologetically. If you feel guilty about setting your priorities and cutting loose hindrances, you may not make it to Destiny.” – page 47
  • Look at every relationship, and every time investment to determine whether they will serve your journey to Destiny. Then be prepared to cut away the things that are not beneficial to your progress.” – page 49-50
  • “You are a major player who must give yourself fully to the process of becoming.” – page 50
  • “The first thing to do in deciding what stays in your life and what goes is to determine what nourishes you and strengthens you.” – page 55
  • “People who are living life on purpose have priorities and tend to get more out of life…They live in pursuit of Destiny rather than in pursuit of other people’s approval.”  page 62
  • Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” – page 63
  • “Greatness has to marinate.” – page 65
  • “No one else can do what you do. Other people may have your talent, but they don’t have your twist.” – page 85 
  • “If you have a vision, you will have the provision along the way.” – page 143 
  • “Destiny reveals herself to risk takers – those adventurous souls who are willing to stick more than a toe in the water.” – page 192
  • “Passion takes energy. Vision takes energy. Strategy takes energy. As Destiny draws you, you will need to invest yourself there, which means you don’t have time for energy-draining attitudes, feelings, and emotions…” – page 199 
  • “Every success has a backstory that you cannot see.” – page 200
  • “Protect your head so that your journey to Destiny is guided by knowledge rather than feelings.” – 203
  • “Dare to think or behave differently and soon you must move on, an outcast from the comfort zone. The people who live there fear the noncompliant among them, fear creativity because out if its boundless abundance come visions and imaginings that cannot be contained or controlled.” – page 206 
  • “When you’re focused on your own path, your mind is open to new ideas and revelations. Your limitless potential can be shaped by Destiny’s unfettered hand.” – page 204 
  • “Destiny seekers live in the creative zone without limits or boundaries. Their energies are stirred by the creative process. Creative zoners thrive on new ideas and designs. They await new expressions of imagination to energize and enliven them.” – page 206
  • “The more your dreams evolve into reality, the closer you get to Destiny, the greater target you become for the negative opinions of others.” – page 212
  • “Hold your destiny close to your heart. Keep listening to your own voice. Hold on to your revelation. Avoid sharing your calling. Everyone is not worthy of knowing your inner voices; don’t give the haters an opening to tear you down.” – page 215
  • “The fact that God has exposed you to something is always a sign that it can be yours. God is exposing you to so you can absorb Destiny in the deepest part of your soul. Breath in, breath in and believe and let God open the doors to Destiny through exposure.” – page 227 
  • “Charles Swindoll has been attributed with this observation: Life is ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I respond to it.’ The perspective you take on life’s flow and transitions makes the critical difference.” – page 231 
  • “Focus on what lies ahead and then believe in God’s power to take you there. – page 232 
  • “It takes courage to produce what God is drawing out of you. It means you must rise to a higher level, an unknown place that offers no guarantees about what will happen when you get there.” – page 233
  • “You cannot go through the Door of Destiny without passing through the Hall of Haters.” page 234
  • “Know that you have a role, an idea, a plan, or a vision to make a contribution to humanity.” – page 234 
  • “Have the courage to be uniquely you, to be different. It is easier and less stressful not to be successful, to be mediocre, not to make waves. No courage is required to be normal and fit in.” – page 234
  • “There is a critical correlation between Destiny and decisions. The decisions you make are the path to you destiny. Your decisions will lead you to your destiny. Putting great decisions in motion will change your life.” – page 241 
  • “At no stage of life should you be content to sit comfortably, thinking that you have arrived, that Destiny offers you no new vistas of opportunity, challenge or growth. There is always another level to attain in some arena of life.” – page 243-244

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