Actors Garrett & Bonita talk Racism in America, their Covid Wedding, Christianity & more…

This video interview is really more of a heartwarming conversation, and features American actors Garrett Turner and Bonita Jackson Turner:  two beautiful, genuine souls. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them about such matters as racism in the U.S. including the Black Lives Matter movement, their careers and the change they want to see in the acting world, their strong Christian faith and their experience getting married during the covid-19 pandemic.

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Garrett and Bonita on their wedding day. Photo credit: Tera Wages

We chatted via Zoom on Thursday June 25th 2020.  It was my first time video recording a blog interview via Zoom. My intention was to possibly publish all or parts of the video in place of a written article (although I was heavily leaning towards writing an article as I usually do), and I ended up deciding to publish the whole video, which is about 1 hour and 20mins total.

Funnily enough, I didn’t actually want to be in the video initially, hoping I could solely feature Garrett and Bonita on screen; but once I realized that wouldn’t work out so well I was at least hoping I’d be pictured really small on screen (as I appeared in a minimized window while it was recording). However unfortunately, once I downloaded the file, I discovered my picture was full-screen just like theirs! LOL (covers face). – **And by the way, you’ll see the funny mix-up when I totally misunderstood that Garrett and Bonita were suggesting I keep our videos side by side…but I guess I was so keen to be minimized that that’s what was in my head LOL ** Nonetheless, it was their encouragement for me to remain visible on screen and embrace anything that didn’t run perfectly smooth, as well as the overall enjoyable interview experience in which they were so transparent and authentic, that made me decide to just get over those feelings and publish the whole thing in its original state. No edits, no nothin’, from beginning to end.

Plus I thought it would be special to publish my first recorded Zoom blog interview  in a way where you can truly feel a part of it and without anything interfering with its authenticity; particularly as what they shared has so much depth and quality.

So…here goes! My cringey bloopers and all! LOL (wipes sweat)


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Garrett and Bonita at a protest for George Floyd in Florida


For your convenience, below is a list of the timings of key parts of the interview:

  • Main introduction – 5 mins 32 secs
  • Acting career – 9mins 3secs
  • Career goals – 16mins 53secs
  • What this art form means to them – 20mins 54secs
  • Whether they both consider themselves tripple threats (excelling at acting, singing & dancing) – 26mins 17secs
  • How the coronavirus pandemic has impacted them, as actors – 30mins 37secs
  • Broadway Black’s Inaugural Antonyo Awards – 33mins 54secs
  • Christian Faith – 35mins 13secs
  • Hopes and concerns for the future of the entertainment industry – 39mins 56secs
  • Racism in the industry – 42mins
  • Positive steps taken in the industry, re race relations – 46mins 29mins
  • Getting married during the pandemic – 49mins 34secs
  • Bonita, a Minnesota native, discusses the impact that George Floyd’s murder has had on her – 57mins 48secs
  • Living as a black man and woman during these extraordinary times – 1 hour 34secs
  • Personal experiences of racism – 1 hour 6 mins 8 secs
  • Joining a Black Lives Matter protest following the death of George Floyd – 1 hour 10mins 26 secs
  • Atmosphere in the U.S. since the initial wave of Black Lives Matter protests weeks prior, and thoughts going forward – 1 hour 12 mins 47 secs
  • Closing remarks – 1 hour 16mins 10secs
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Garrett Turner in THE ROYALE at Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta.


– Garrett Turner on organizations professing to support anti-racism initiatives

Visit to learn more about Garrett, who has co-starred on NBC’s ‘Law & Order SVU‘ and ABC’s ‘Madam Secretary

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Bonita Jackson Turner performing her one-woman show entitled Empty Valuables in NYC. Photo credit: FEAST


– Bonita Jackson Turner discussing Black Lives Matter and tackling racism in America


FYI The following are links to some of the organizations and initiatives referenced during the interview:

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