About This Blogazine

Hello and welcome to Stacee’s Smoothie!

My love for and background in journalism has been blended thoroughly with the various ingredients of this smoothie. The name was inspired by the “Summer Smoothie” radio show that I created and hosted in Canada many years ago. I loved every minute of that experience and had chosen that name because of the refreshingly juicy blend of musical and informational goodness that tickled the listener’s eardrums.

Similarly, Stacee’s Smoothie features posts on a selection of topics ranging from the arts to academia. Among them are interviews and so much more so stay tuned!

I hope your time here is drizzled with rejuvenation.

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staceessmoothie - Stacee's Smoothie

Me operating the soundboard while hosting my ‘Summer Smoothie’ radio show in Canada.

*All articles are written by Stacee unless otherwise stated*